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How Long does it take to get vehicle graphics?

Short Answer:  Typically about 2 Weeks from first Request to Install

Long Answer:

You’re likely in the market for vehicle graphics in the greater Edmonton Alberta area. Keep Reading.

How long does vehicle graphics take?
How long is the procedure?
How long should I expect to wait till I get my vehicle decaled?
What are the steps involved in getting vehicle graphics done?

Keep in Mind, this is a multi-day process.

Step One: Request for Quote / Contact Us

You got to contact us and request for a quote, or ask us some questions. You can reach out via Email, web form, Phone call, Text, or Video.   We’ll reply shortly back with questions for you, including requests for files, and or times to meet, or opportunities to take pictures and measure.

Number two thing to keep in mind is things might not be as fast as you think. We’re not a retail shop where you come in and drive in, drive out same day, getting lick’em stick’em decals.

We intend to give you top service and to keep your look, and have top multiyear warranties on this too.

After we kind of get a scope of what you want, then we’ll get you in touch with our Design Department.


The Design Department works directly with you back and forth with you until an approved layout. Maybe as a salesperson, we might grab photos, video and measurements of said issue, and make / model of the vehicle.

It might take a day or two to get into the queue for the design to get to yours. Once we actually get to your project, then it’s pretty rapid fire back and forth during the layout and revision stage.

Once you’re finished in the revision stage, once you get your layouts down, we will finalize our initial estimate, from an estimate to a quote.
You might want some decals bigger, some smaller. Different vehicles require different shapes and sizes to maintain your Fleet consistency.

Once layouts are confirmed, usually right around that time
as we’re doing layout, then we will book your Install.

Time to install:

Times can be a little tricky.
You got to you got to pick one of our bays and then we have to coordinate with you on how best to maintain your fleet that’s making you money and how to figure out a little bit of time to get it off the road so that we can decal it up.

We can do remote installs at your place, too if our location in the West end of Edmonton doesn’t work.

So we got to coordinate that.
It most often not an instant
“Hey, I just approved it, I want my decal installed tomorrow” kind of thing.

It goes into then Production.

Once the layouts are approved, pricing is approved, and you have given us the go ahead (and deposit) Production takes typically a few days.
If there’s printing and laminating involved, printing requires a little bit of outgassing and Lamination usually requires some time as well.  Then back production gets the kit ready for the install.

Then it’s a matter of having the time for your install.
Install might take anywhere from a handful of hours for simple decal installs, small logos and text.

Dirty Vehicles Need not apply (or else we’ll charge you to clean)

Vehicles have to be clean too. Summer time is not as bad as Winter for coming in with a clean vehicle.

In Winter we do have to add extra time for the vehicles to warm up and to be cleaned off even if they’re “clean”
A lot of time customers don’t clean the vehicle. We charge you a cleaning fee for that. That adds to the install time.

So Install is usually a block of time.

If it’s a quicker door decal kit, usually half a day or something like that. Usually we like to just say, “Drop it off in the morning, pick it up in the afternoon” or we’ll call you when she’s done.

If it’s a larger job or wrap, color change, more complex, or big decal package, then that might be a multi day thing and we’ll coordinate with you on that.
We’ll Reach out to you before the install is about finished so that you know you can arrange in a couple of hours to have your driver come pick things up, or swap vehicles if we’re doing multiple vehicles as part of your Fleet.
Just like you, It’s in our best interest to get the vehicles in and out fairly quick as well.
So in general, it’s usually about a two week process from the time somebody reaches out to us to the time you drive away with a decaled or wrapped vehicle.

Have patience.   Think of your vehicle and these wraps or decals as a multiyear advertising and branding project ok?

To put a decal on your vehicle, that’s that’s a long term commitment.
It’s not quite as long term in, say, a tattoo or something like that.
But it’s a long term commitment, a handful a few years on your vehicle. So you can’t just knee jerk reaction on that. So our intention is to make sure that it’s done right, done correctly and usually done

we do warranty work and we’ll back our work, if something’s happening
to it, we’ll back it in and take care of it.
You know, that does happen from time to time.
So that’s what we’re in there for as well. We do back our stuff as well, which is something that you want from a vehicle company and we want good reviews and we want things like that. So good stuff. Talk to you guys later

    We only use the details you give us to reach out to you to solve your business branding needs, related to vehicle graphics or signage. Examples include: Send you requested Quotes, Times of Booking, Invoices etc. We may follow up from time to time, but you could also request to have us not do that and stop and we will comply.

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