Why Fleet Branding works

Why it works //

The appearance and branding of your fleet of vehicles will speak volumes about the quality of your company and the reliability of the services you provide. A smart looking graphics package on a fleet of clean vehicles will promote your brand awareness and instill public confidence more effectively than any other form of outdoor advertising. Now more than ever, tangible returns are a must when investing in your company’s marketing. Vehicle advertising is not only highly effective, it also delivers the lowest cost per impression than any other marketing medium.*
*Based on an independent survey commissioned by 3M to determine the comparative cost ($) per 1,000 consumers as follows: Radio (19.00), TV (7.21), Billboard (1.88), Direct Mail (30.45), Printed Media (7.76) and Vehicle (0.62).

How we can help //

Fleet FX Graphics has an extensive network of installation services throughout Canada, which simplifies the logistics for large fleets that have vehicles in multiple locales. Also, all fleet projects are manufactured at our main 7000sqft facility in Edmonton, Alberta. This guarantees that important colors and design elements will be an exact match, regardless of the location of the installation. An exclusive design process for large fleets that conforms a uniform creative over a wide range of vehicles makes updating or adding new vehicles to your fleet efficient and simple. For companies within the Edmonton Capital Region, a pick-up and drop-off service for fleet vehicles is available upon request. Fleet FX will also work closely with leasing and fleet management companies to ensure that new vehicles being added your growing fleet are branded and ready to promote your company when they are turned over to you.