Questions answered below:  How Much is a wrap? What does a vehicle wrap Cost? What was a car wrap cost? How much does a truck wrap cost? What’s an average price for a wrap?  What do I get with a vehicle wrap?

What does a full vehicle wrap cost?

How much does it cost to wrap a truck?  How much is it to get your car wrapped?

Basic Cost Factors
Costs can typically range from as low as $1200 on a small vehicle and up to $4500 or more on a large vehicle. Vehicle wrap costs can vary greatly from one project to another because of many cost affecting factors and are usually calculated on a project to project basis. Vehicle size, what percentage of the vehicle will be wrapped,  difficult accessories or hardware, artwork/design costs and quality of the material being used will all affect the final price of the wrap. Also, when comparing pricing, determine the quality of the vinyl & laminate being used and the reputation of the company. While wraps are a form of signage, they require a very specialized skill set that not all sign companies have mastered.

Know the Product Grade
Air release adhesive, 2mil premium cast film, 3mil intermediate calendered film, optically clear laminate…what is the best product to use? While there is a place and a purpose for each product, the lowest cost may not be your best value. Let us share our 30 years of vinyl graphics experience to help you choose the most cost effective application.

Premium Wrap Services
At Fleet FX Graphics, we use high quality, premium cast wrapping film that features Air Release technology. The wrap film actually breathes and allows air to escape from beneath the wrap, resulting in a bubble and wrinkle free installation. All our graphics are pre-laminated with a high gloss, optically clear, UV protecting laminate that not only protects your wrap but covers it in a beautiful glossy smooth finish. At Fleet FX Graphics we pride ourselves on high quality wraps and second-to-none service.