Legacy Heating & Cooling Combo Fleet Group Shots – White Ford Escape Car & 2 GMC Cargo Vans Decal & Graphic Packages

Job Details

Just some group Fleet shots of a few Legacy vehicle we had at one time.  We do so many vehicles for companies, but we don’t always get to have more then a few at once before someone picks them up and normally leave us more blanks to decal / wrap up.  But occationally like tonight I stuck around to do a photo shoot and stages a few together. One of Many style of vehicles we do for Legacy (see others below) A bunch of decals to match their Full Wraps because this particular car was white, but it could be  any color of vehicle in the future and not be held back by supply chain issues) and just do a full color change wrap

  • Multi-Vehicle Install
  • Simple Decal / graphics package
  • Matching Fleet
  • Group Shot / Combo

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Legacy Heating & Cooling GMC Cargo Vans Decal Package

M stealth reflective tron project truck decals pin striping legacy heating and cooling fleetfx edmonton

Tron Legacy Heat & Cooling Project 3M Reflective F150 White Pickup Truck plus Bonus Black truck


Legacy Heating & Cooling Ford Escape Car Decals


Legacy Heating & Cooling Ford Transit Van Decal Kit


Legacy Heating & Cooling Full Wrap Straight box Cube Truck

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